Codebooks and Data

On this page you can find replication data and codebooks for GovLis publications. Feel free to get in touch in case you should have any additional questions.

Junk, W. (2018) ‘Representation beyond people: Lobbying access of umbrella associations to legislatures and the media’, Governance.                                                                                 Coding Instructions Umbrella Structure

Flöthe, L. and Rasmussen, A. (2018) ‘Public Voices in the Heavenly Chorus? Group Type Bias and Opinion Representation’, Open Access, Journal of European Public Policy.
Media Codebook
Position coding survey
Coding desk research

Junk, W.M. and Rasmussen, A. (2018) ‘Framing by the Flock: Collective Issue Definition and Advocacy Success’, Open Access, Comparative Political Studies.
Media Codebook
Emphasis Frame Codebook

Rasmussen, A., Mäder, L. and Reher, S. (2018) ‘With a Little Help From The People? The Role of Public Opinion in Advocacy Success’, Comparative Political Studies, 51(2).
Media Codebook

Rasmussen, A., Romeijn, J. and Toshkov, D. (2018) ‘Dynamics of Regulatory Policymaking in Sweden: The Role of Media Advocacy and Public Opinion’Scandinavian Political Studies, 41(1), 49-74.
Media Codebook